Importance of insurance

From  The Fenway News comes this item about the demise of the Boston Courant (print only):

Times are tough for print publications everywhere, and so we are sorry to have to say “goodbye” to another Boston community-based newspaper. Early last month Boston Courant publisher, David Jacobs announced that the Feb. 5 issue would be the paper’s last, due to the costs of settling a lawsuit filed by a former employee. The Courant (originally The Back Bay Courant) celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. While The Fenway News focuses primarily on Fenway events and issues (of which there are many), The Courant’s fine reporters brought us news and photos about our neighbors in Back Bay, on Beacon Hill, and in the South End—and sometimes put the spotlight on events we’d missed in our own Fenway backyard. So now, sadly, there’s one less community newspaper in Boston. Goodbye and good luck, Courant. We’ll miss you!
I don’t think the Courant was a nonprofit, but this news reminded me of the crucial importance to nonprofits of general liability, directors & officers/employment policies, and possibly professional liability insurance. Here are some good readings from Blue Avocado on the topic.

A board member’s guide to nonprofit insurance

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